Our work

Our Activities

We work with African communities living in slum conditions to promote and support livelihood routes out of poverty. We principally help those who are most vulnerable or hardest to reach in society: the disabled, people living HIV/AIDS, commercial sex workers, youths and women. We do this by:

  • Providing training, information and advice to build skills, improve livelihoods and empower poor people
  • Raising awareness of the development issues facing marginalised African communities
  • Working with community based organisations to improve their ability to run their own projects

Current Project

In Ghana we are implementing the Agbogbloshie Development Project with our local partner Self-Help Initiative Support Services (SISS). This is a slum improvement programme that works with unemployed and homeless people in Agbogbloshie slum, Accra.

The project focuses on hard-to-reach groups trapped in a cycle of poverty, like women who are working as porters, young people living on the streets, and commercial sex workers who face exploitation on a daily basis, by helping them gain new skills and jobs in the workplace.

To date we have assisted over 2,000 vulnerable people out of poverty. In some cases trainees have gone on to higher education.

The Agbogbloshie Development Project supports the goals of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG), particularly Goal 1 (eradicating extreme poverty and hunger) and Goal 3 (Promote gender equality and empower women).

Past Projects

In the past we have worked on several successful projects:

  • In South Africa, we worked with Agape Skills Development, a Durban based cooperative of craft-workers, to help build their membership and ability to earn incomes.
  • The Training and Resourcing Project – a skills development and income generating program for domestic assistants and young homeless women in Accra, Ghana.
  • Using computers supplied by ComputerAid International, we set up computer training centres for Dodowa Civic Association, Christians in Development (CID) and Sidik Buare Islamic school – all in Ghana in order to combat poverty.
  • We produced Modern African Generation, an African development oriented magazine for young people in the UK and elsewhere.